2018 Presentations

TRC Soil Vapor Intrusion Data in an EDMS

BMP Breakout session

AquaticInformatics  Discrete Data Challenges

Bridging the gap

#1 KISTERS Overview

#2 KISTERS Flood

#3 KISTERS Water Quality

Field Data Collection with Round Table Comments

New DOD Val Guidelines a 3rd Party Perspective

Reflections on Building a Reference Data Library

Round Table Discussion-Field Data Collection

Data Management Marketing


System Design of US EPA's Interoperable Watersheds Network

Metadata Matters – How a big problem came to light, but led to a collaborative solution.

Historical Data Migration and EQuIS(TM) Alive

Round Table Discussion
Making Data Management a Core Business Value

Best Management Practices – Data Management Planning

Best Management Practices – EDD Standardization

Onboarding Toolkit for an Environmental Data Management System Implementation

Coffee Talk!
Communicating The Power of Data Management

EQuIS Alive for Clean Water Act 316(b) Compliance

Best Management Practices – Historical Data Migration

Best Management Practices – Valid Values

Best Practices – Path Forward

Driving Utilization of an Enterprise
Environmental Information Management System

Retaining Data Quality in a Mobile World

2016 Presentations

Case Study: Strategic Data Loading and Streamlined Reporting – Stephen Picek and Tony Guerrero (St. John – Mittelhauser & Associates)
Building a Data Management Practice – Kristen Ward (Langan)
Customizing Off-the-Shelf Data Management Systems – Kathryn Klatt (ddms, inc.) Sarah Wright (Locus Technologies)
EQuIS and Tableau – Lea Beard (Aspect Consulting)
ICEDM 2016–Implementation of a DMS – Lacy Smith (Wilcox Environmental Engineering)
Parametrix DCR iPad App – Alison Bird (Parametrix)
Sample DCR Generated from App – Alison Bird (Parametrix)
Round Table Discussion: Emergency Response Data Management
Round Table Discussion: Best Practices

Coffee Talk: Data Management in the Next 5 Years

2015 Presentations

Coordinating Data Deliverables with Third Party Validators– Best Management Practices (Shauna McKellar (Laboratory Data Consultants, LLC)
Evolution of Data Management Practices for a Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Consulting Firm – Andrea Brazell (GEI Consulting)
Material Management Database: Cradle to Grave Hazardous Waste Management – David Maltby and Faridal Mutalib (T3W Business Solutions )
Integrating Environmental Data with Project Information – Roger Well and Torrie Behrens (ENFOS, Inc.)
Drowning in the Secretary Pool and Other Cautionary Tales – Bruce Jacobs (HydroAnalysis, Inc.)
Interpreting and Presenting Data Today’s Fast Paced World – Kali Abel (Gallatin Public Affairs)
Continuous Monitoring: How to stay on top of things and save time & money with AQUARIUS – Alastair Foreman (AQUARIUS)
Improving efficiency of managing environmental testing results with DataConcourse interactive web-based service -Kent Patton (Promium Software Data Concourse) and Allison Greiner (Eureka Project Solutions, LLC.)
Earth Analytics The Rapid Environmental Data Management Approach – Blair Deavers (GeoEngineers, inc.)
Corralling Environmental Data at BP – Brian Vassigh (BP) and Sarah Wright (ddms, inc.)
Upgrading to EQuIS 6 – As Easy as D.E.C – Chris Mickle (Cardno)
Implementation and Support for an Enterprise Data Management System – Dan McCarthy (Environmental Standards, Inc.)

2014 Presentations

How the ‘Big Data’ movement and emerging technologies might change how we see our world (Blair Deaver: SmartMine @ GeoEngineers)
Spider Diagrams in EQuIS™ for ArcGIS (Emily Mulford: EarthSoft, Inc.)
Field Data Collection and Management Made Simple (Lempi Miller: Kleinfelder)
Accessing Your Historic Data: Considerations For Design and Implementation of a Historic Data Migration Plan (Lacy Smith: St. John – Mittelhauser & Associates, Inc.)
Third Party Environmental Data Management (EDM) (Vito D’Aurora: Critigen)
Data Management Challenges on a Radionuclide Superfund Site (Heidi Gaedy: ddms, Inc.)
Successful Management of Database Changes and Workflow (Chris Mickle and Charles Richardson: Cardno)