Dan Higgins
Chief Financial Officer
Dan has spent his 19-year data wrangling career lazily trying to get zombie machines to do his work because he sucks at typing and data entry. Whew!! Who knew data management could be so hard? At Haley & Aldrich Dan works with a team of evil overlords who think the future means automated data collection and “self-service” data access for their clients. The team used robots to steal many “data loader” and “table maker” jobs. The robots replace people writing things down in the field, typing tables by hand in Excel and drawing maps in the office. On demand data means happy scientists and engineers can get their information whenever they want it.
Dan founded the ICEDM conference in 2010 and proudly serves as co-chair with Sarah Wright.  In his spare time he hangs out with his kids and wife, bikes too much, swims, and rock climbs.

sarah wright.jpg

Sarah Wright
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Wright is a Senior Scientist at ERM.  Ms. Wright draws upon over fifteen years of experience related to environmental projects and environmental management information systems (EMIS) technologies, which she gained working in the private and public and sectors. Ms. Wright’s experience includes coordinating environmental data management; training and supporting international industrial, federal and local government and consulting teams on the implementation and utilization of EMIS; large scale industrial implementation of EMIS for regulatory reporting; providing needs assessments and implementation plans for EMIS; environmental litigation support; data analysis using EMIS technologies for environmental projects; conducting environmental site investigations and monitoring; installing and maintaining continuous groundwater monitoring systems.
Ms. Wright also co-chairs the ICEDM conference ( to ensure that environmental data managers around the world are provided a venue to network and improve their data stewardship skills and build their network of knowledge and support.  When not networking, Ms. Wright enjoys refinishing dumpster dive treasures, curating her shoe collection, and playing with her 2-year-old daughter and day dreaming of sleep. 


Lacy Smith
Chief Marketing Officer

(630) 817-2503
Lacy Smith is a Principal Consultant at ERM. Trained as a geologist with over 14 years in the environmental consulting business including subsurface investigations, delineation of contaminant plumes, aquifer testing, groundwater modeling, and technical QA/QC; she has spent the last ten years directly involved in developing and implementing data management systems and visualization tools. Lacy is passionate about collaborative data management, visualization and data analysis that enable stakeholders to accurately and efficiently access, analyze, and report key project insights. A recent transplant to Wisconsin, when she’s not tackling data, she is tackling keeping up with her three kiddos, watching lots of soccer and baseball, planning family summer hikes or her next knitting project, or delving into a good book.

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Catherine Love
Webinar Program Manager

For the last ten years, Catherine has found her true home in the interdisciplinary nature of environmental data management.  Catherine has worked in both the public and private sector as a data manager and spatial data analyst.  She currently serves as the Technical Lead for Environmental Data Management at CDM Smith where she works on interesting projects with great people.  Her focus at CDM Smith is on ensuring data quality throughout the project life cycle. A people watcher and anthropologist, Catherine loves to travel with her
husband, finds peace in the outdoors, believes cooking is an everyday revolutionary act and is a budding amateur sports nutritionist.

kristen ward brown.jpg

Kristen Ward
Best Practices Lead
Kristen Ward is Project Manager at Langan and serves as the leader of all data management projects for environmental sites regulated under federal and state compliance programs. She has over eight years of experience in planning, implementing and managing environmental management information systems (EIMS); data analysis and regulatory reporting; researching and beta testing new technologies; development of corporate-wide standards and best management practices; and training employees in the utilization of EIMS. She also has extensive experience in GIS design and 3D modeling using ArcGIS and CTech Earth Volumetric Studio (EVS). Kristen is a founding member of Langan’s Mobility User Group and is involved in establishing corporate policies and in the development, testing and deployment of field mobile applications and technologies.

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